By Malene Birger

Danish label By Malene Birger is one of our favourites. The collection includes individual pieces inspired by mens tailoring and the classic glamour of the 50’s and 60’s that will form the basis of your wardrobe. The use of beautiful fabrics and classic design detailing make this brand one of today’s foremost contemporary designer labels.

lois_product.phpBlackXSlois.ProductPage21813544-b719-11e6-943a-0019997f0e5ccosildo-sequin-top-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackTopsa91b98a4-d424-11e6-bf6b-0019997f0e5c Sequin TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/ShirtsStandard SizesXS,S,MCosildo,Sequin,Top,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,Shirts,T-ShirtsStunning sequin and chiffon top from By Malene Birger. This slightly cropped sequin embelished top has chiffon border sleeves and hem, giving it a floaty, ethereal feel. With a slight swing shape, this piece is perfect to style with a black high waisted culotte for a striking yet smart outfit, or with the satin pleated By Malene Birger skirt and black stieltto heels for all out glamour. #boutique #sequin #embelished #bymalenebirger #sparkle #ss17 #preciousGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerNew In0000000100190001
lois_product.phpBlackXSlois.ProductPage2181355f-b719-11e6-943a-0019997f0e5cmiqiau-pleated-skirt-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackSkirts9d051d84-d424-11e6-bf6b-0019997f0e5c Pleated SkirtGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/SkirtsStandard SizesXS,MMiqiau,Pleated,Skirt,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,SkirtsMidi length pleasted satin skirt from By Malene Birger. This stunning pleated skirt has an elasticated waist, and is of a beautiful lightweight satin. Style with a classic black oversized sweater for a very cool look easily dressed up by adding a heel, or alternatively for a super glamorous look style with the sequin By Malene Birger top and a sky high stieltto heel. #boutique #pleat #skirt #satin #pleated #bymalenebirger #preciousGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerNew In000100060005
lois_product.phpCobaltXSlois.ProductPage2181355f-b719-11e6-943a-0019997f0e5cmiqiau-pleated-skirt-cobaltBy Malene BirgerCobaltSkirtsa3047470-d424-11e6-bf6b-0019997f0e5c Pleated SkirtGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/SkirtsStandard SizesXS,S,MMiqiau,Pleated,Skirt,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,SkirtsMidi length pleasted satin skirt from By Malene Birger. This stunning pleated skirt has an elasticated waist, and is of a beautiful lightweight satin. Style with a classic black oversized sweater for a very cool look easily dressed up by adding a heel, or alternatively for a super glamorous look style with the sequin By Malene Birger top and a sky high stieltto heel. #boutique #pleat #skirt #satin #pleated #bymalenebirger #preciousGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerNew In000200020002
lois_product.phpBlackXSlois.ProductPage867a0475-4e7b-11e6-be97-0019997f0e5calendria-crepe-jumpsuit-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackJumpsuit74cc2127-6933-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c Crepe JumpsuitGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/One-pieces/Leotards & UnitardsStandard SizesXS,S,MAlendria,Crepe,Jumpsuit,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,One-pieces,Leotards,UnitardsProduct description to go here Line One descriptive search words to describe the style Line Two a little more about why its a great piece, colour, style etc Line Three, where you can wear it Line Four how we've shown it.GoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerCafe Latte001200800003
lois_product.phpIndigoDK 36 - UK 10lois.ProductPaged613cdda-1c37-11e6-82cf-0019997f0e5ccazios-belted-coat-indigoBy Malene BirgerIndigoCoats22d1363e-57ff-11e6-be99-0019997f0e5c Belted CoatGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Outerwear/Coats & Jackets/Outdoor Coats & JacketsDanish SizesDK 36 - UK 10Cazios,Belted,Coat,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Outerwear,Coats,Jackets,OutdoorCazios belted slim line coat with long sleeves with side slip pockets from By Malene Birger. This sleek, elegant collarless coat has an elongating, slimming effect, and can be worn open or belted depending on the desired look. Wear belted with a caramel cigarette trouser, classic crisp white shirt, printed silk scarf and brogues for a smart, preppy look that can be worn both for work or social engagements. Alternatively, for a more feminine, Parisian feel, wear open with a Carven mini dress and the Selected Femme suede heels.GoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerJulius Baer0004000900150130
lois_product.phpSEcrulois.ProductPage867a0513-4e7b-11e6-be97-0019997f0e5cisronas-crepe-jersey-top-ecruBy Malene BirgerEcruTops74cc2035-6933-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c,449ac936-5e31-11e6-be9a-0019997f0e5c Crepe Jersey TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesStandard SizesSIsronas,Crepe,Jersey,Top,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,DayIsronas crepe jersey top with short sleeves, layered V-neck, wrap effect neckline, box pleat at back and silk trim on sleeve hem from By Malene Birger. This stunning tunic style piece fetaures a double layer neckline, and has a relaxed fit. Style with a fitted leather skirt by 2nd Day, or a classic slim black trouser by DVF. Add a patent brogue for a cool, elegant look that can take you from work to play seamlessly.GoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerCafe Latte00060002013100620008
lois_product.phpBlackDK 34 - UK 8lois.ProductPage7a80003a-c04b-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5conestianna-lace-top-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackTops37e20dba-f5cb-11e5-8015-0019997f0e5c Lace TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/T-ShirtsDanish SizesDK 34 - UK 8,DK 36 - UK 10Onestianna,Lace,Top,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,T-Shirts,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Shirts,Day,Evening,Short,SleevedShort sleeved lace top with black mesh T-shirt style wop with relaxed fit including strappy slip top from By Malene Birger. This stunning lace T-shirt style top can be dressed down with a black skinny MiH jean and a suede Elia B sneaker for an uber cool, urban chic look. Alternatively go all out glam and wear with a black body-con skirt and an Elia B stiletto heel.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Shirts & Tops/Day000700750004
lois_product.phpBlackXSlois.ProductPage7a7fffc5-c04b-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5cverzalio-crepe-top-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackTops37e20ded-f5cb-11e5-8015-0019997f0e5c Crepe TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/T-ShirtsStandard SizesXS,S,MVerzalio,Crepe,Top,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,T-Shirts,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Shirts,Day,Short,Sleeved,TunicsShort sleeved open neck tunic style crepe top with pleat front detailing from By Malene Birger. Style with a simple black culotte and a pair of suede Elia B stiletto heels for a sleek, clean cut look perfect for both formal affairs and after work activities. Alternatively, for a more traditional smart dress look, wear with a black pencil skirt and blazer, adding a simple long silver chain necklace to complete the outfit.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Shirts & Tops/Day000800630003
lois_product.phpBlackDK 36 - UK 10lois.ProductPage867a052e-4e7b-11e6-be97-0019997f0e5cscaled-cropped-flare-trouser-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackTrousers7b095ad0-6933-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c Cropped Flare TrouserGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Trousers/Dress TrousersDanish SizesDK 36 - UK 10,DK 40 - UK 14Scaled,Cropped,Flare,Trouser,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Trousers,DressScaled cropped flare twill trouser from By Malene Birger. This smart dress trouser has a stylish kick flare, and looks fabulous with the lace knit top in black by Carven. Wear with a classic black chelsea boot for a chic day look, or swap for a suede heel to take this trouser seamlessly into the evening. Hashtags for Atterley #boutique #cashmere #floralprint #metallic #pleated #leather #brand?GoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene Birger01520009
lois_product.phpBlackDK 36 - UK 10lois.ProductPage9b9e18e9-2eec-11e5-8a49-0019997f0e5cajani-organza-pencil-skirt-blackBy Malene BirgerBlackSkirts5655a5e9-7657-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c,5655a5d8-7657-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c,5013818d-7657-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c,5013815f-7657-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c,50138172-7657-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c Organza Pencil SkirtGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/SkirtsDanish SizesDK 36 - UK 10Ajani,Organza,Pencil,Skirt,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Skirts,GraziaShopTaxonomy,StatementOrganza pencil skirt with embroidery detailing and silk trim from By Malene Birger. This fabulous skirt is lined to a point, but the lining stops to reveal the seer quality of the organza fabric. Style with the matching organza By Malene Birger top for a striking occasionwear outfit or, alternatively, wear with a plain black fitted silk top and a fitted blazer from By Malene Birger for an edgy, vampy look.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Skirts/PencilEvening Edit01330010
lois_product.phpTurquoiseXSlois.ProductPage867a0417-4e7b-11e6-be97-0019997f0e5csenza-wool-jersey-dress-turquoiseBy Malene BirgerTurquoiseDresses0898bb3b-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c,0898bb40-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c Wool Jersey DressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesStandard SizesXSSenza,Wool,Jersey,Dress,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,DayLong sleeved fitted wool dress with asymetric ruched detail at the hip from By Malene Birger. This elegant piece has a body-con fit and looks stunning with a classic grey suede heel. It also has a concealed zip that allows you to have a side vent or not as desired. Alternatively, wear with a brogue for a more understated look. This piece can take you from smart casual to full blown party, so make sure it is a part of your wardrobe this season. #boutique #btmalenebirger #bodycon #wool #jersey #dressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene Birger0011
lois_product.phpBlueDK 34 - UK 8lois.ProductPage867a054e-4e7b-11e6-be97-0019997f0e5csabik-lace-dress-blueBy Malene BirgerBlueDresses1be56dfe-8f02-11e6-8e9c-0019997f0e5c,1be56e09-8f02-11e6-8e9c-0019997f0e5c Lace DressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesDanish SizesDK 34 - UK 8Sabik,Lace,Dress,By,Malene,Birger,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,Day,Formal,CocktailSabik lace shift dress from By Malene Birger. This stunning lace dress features an asymetric ruch at the waist, and has a crew neck. The dress has a concealed zip on the left shoulder seam. Keep styling simple and add a nude court shoe for an elegant, refined eveningwear look. Alternatively, make this a smart daywear outfit and style with black opaque tights and a black heel. #boutique #lace #bymalenebirger #shiftdress #lacedress #luxurybrandsGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/By Malene BirgerPrivate Sale0012