Intropia brings us luxury sport chic with their cool collection of sleek, sumptuous separates. Clean lines combined with subtle hues create an uber stylish, contemporary look that we at Precious simply can’t resist. Unique and innovative, this elegant collection of beautifully finished wardrobe staples includes original prints perfect to create your own chic, stylish look.

lois_product.phpFR 36 - UK 8Blacklois.ProductPage798620d4-710f-11e6-8e96-0019997f0e5cchiffon-shift-dress-blackIntropiaBlackDresses0898bb2c-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c,0898bb31-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c,0898bb36-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c Shift DressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Formal Dresses/Cocktail DressesFrench SizesFR 36 - UK 8,FR 38 - UK 10,FR 40 - UK 12Chiffon,Shift,Dress,Intropia,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,Formal,Cocktail,Little,BlackChiffon shift dress with cutout sleeve and embellished cuff detailing by Intropia. This stunning dress features a chiffon overlay sleeve, fastened by the cuff. The high neck shift shape makes this piece extremely flattering, and the open sleeve adds another element of glamour. Keep stylign simple and wear with a black stiletto heel for the perfect party look, guaranteed to turn heads. #boutique #cashmere #floralprint #metallic #pleated #leather #brand?GoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/IntropiaMidnight Mood000900210094
lois_product.phpBlackFR 40 - UK 12lois.ProductPage1f45eb42-2fb1-11e5-8a49-0019997f0e5cretro-tailored-coat-blackIntropiaBlackCoats5ee855ec-4bfa-11e5-83fe-0019997f0e5c,58ca0d6d-4bfa-11e5-83fe-0019997f0e5c,58ca0d4a-4bfa-11e5-83fe-0019997f0e5c,52cf791d-4bfa-11e5-83fe-0019997f0e5c,52cf7940-4bfa-11e5-83fe-0019997f0e5c Tailored CoatGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Outerwear/Coats & Jackets/Outdoor Coats & JacketsFrench SizesFR 40 - UK 12,FR 42 - UK 14Retro,Tailored,Coat,Intropia,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Outerwear,Coats,Jackets,Outdoor,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Overcoats,SmartLong sleeved fully lined collared double breasted coat with retro cutout layered detail and pockets at the front by Hoss Intropia. This coat is light and easy to wear. Style with a simple black court shoe and a little black dress for a smart, clean cut look, or for a more casual style wear with a simple white tee, your favourite skinny MiH jean and a pair of sneakers.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Outerwear/Coats & Jackets/OvercoatsCamo Cool00120095
lois_product.phpMidnightFR 36 - UK 8lois.ProductPage798620b6-710f-11e6-8e96-0019997f0e5cvelvet-flare-trouser-midnightIntropiaMidnightTrousers0898bb24-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c,0898bb1f-79c8-11e6-8e98-0019997f0e5c Flare TrouserGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Trousers/Dress TrousersFrench SizesFR 36 - UK 8,FR 38 - UK 10,FR 40 - UK 12Velvet,Flare,Trouser,Intropia,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Trousers,DressHigh wasted button detail velvet flare trouser by Intropia. These smart velvet flared trousers feature a button detail front, and concealed side zip detail. Style with the matching velvet jacket for a show stopping smart look, finishing with a classic heel, or for a more relaxed look, simply wear with a crisp white shirt tucked in. #boutique #velvet #bluevelvet #flares #intropia #suitGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/IntropiaMidnight Mood0007000200640022