Louise Coleman

lois_product.phpOne SizeVioletlois.ProductPagecd20fbca-cfee-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5clong-silk-duckling-scarf-violetLouise ColemanVioletScarvesfa781627-e60f-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5chttp://images.precious-london.com/precious/150.00150.00FalseLong Silk Duckling ScarfGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing Accessories/Scarves & ShawlsNAOne SizeLong,Silk,Duckling,Scarf,Louise,Coleman,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Scarves,Shawls,GraziaShopTaxonomy,SnoodsLong silk crepe printed scarf featuring an intricate hand illustrated flroal print featuring ducklings by Louise Coleman. This adorable silk scarf features a hand illustrated motif including flowers and vines surrounded a charming duckling design in cream and violet tones. Style with a simple little black dress or wrap around the neck and wear with a lightweight wool wrap coat by Selected Femme or Part Two to add a quirky element to a dressed down, elegant outfit. This piece has been made in England.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing Accessories/Scarves & Snoods000301170017
lois_product.phpBlackOne Sizelois.ProductPagecd20fbee-cfee-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5clong-silk-man-in-the-moon-scarf-blackLouise ColemanBlackScarves068e919a-e610-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5chttp://images.precious-london.com/precious/150.00150.00FalseLong Silk Man-in-the-moon ScarfNAOne SizeLong,Silk,Man-in-the-moon,Scarf,Louise,Coleman,Long silk man in the moon print scarf. This luxurious silk scarf features a hand illustrated crescent moon print and has a magical, mystical feel. Style with a soft grey Siren Song wool coat for a super chic Winter look with a twist, or with a classic white Velvet top and grey Selected jean for an edgy daywear look.0029
lois_product.phpOne SizeBlacklois.ProductPage959a78ca-d433-11e6-bf6b-0019997f0e5cegret-feather-kimono-jacket-blackLouise ColemanBlackJackets5254222e-f38b-11e6-a153-0019997f0e5c,5254224b-f38b-11e6-a153-0019997f0e5chttp://images.precious-london.com/precious/475.00475.00FalseEgret Feather Kimono JacketOne SizeOne SizeEgret,Feather,Kimono,Jacket,Louise,Coleman,3/4 open sleeved silk lined printed kimono with oversized drape fit by Louise Coleman. This silk crepe kimono has a silk satin lining, has been made in England and features hand illustrated imagery by Louise Coleman. Luxurious feather trim sleeves and hem give this piece a really fabulous, unique twist. Style with a simple little black dress and a stiletto shoeboot for an edgy evening outfit. Alternatively, for a more understated daywear look, style with your the black skinny jean and a simple white tee by Velvet.Date Night Edit00470003
lois_product.phpBlackOne Sizelois.ProductPagecd20fbae-cfee-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5clong-silk-koi-scarf-blackLouise ColemanBlackScarves008353e4-e610-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5chttp://images.precious-london.com/precious/150.00150.00FalseLong Silk Koi ScarfNAOne SizeLong,Silk,Koi,Scarf,Louise,Coleman,Silk crepe scarf in koi print by Louise Coleman. This exquisite scarf features a hand illustrated Japanese style koi pond print, and has been made in England. Style with a classic tailored black blazer from By Malene Birger and a pair of black culottes for a super smart yet chic look perfect for work or play.Christmas Wish List00050013