Ottod’Ame present a range of luxury daywear pieces, perfect for those who want something unusual. Their printed separates and use of textured fabrics make them the go to brand for high-end bohemian style dressing.

lois_product.phpIT 42 - UK 10Piombolois.ProductPage28d6017f-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5cwashed-silk-tunic-dress-piomboOttodamePiomboDresses48a93f5e-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,48a93f4f-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,48a93f3e-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,42b10c88-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,42b10c97-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c Silk Tunic DressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesItalian SizesIT 42 - UK 10,IT 44 - UK 12Washed,Silk,Tunic,Dress,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,Day,GraziaShopTaxonomy,EveningShort batwing sleeved oversized silk tunic dress with square drape neckline and side slip pockets by Ottod'Ame. This simply stunning tunic dress in a soft sandwashed silk has a beautiful drape effect due to the oversized nature of the piece. Style with silver tone jewellery and a suede court heel in a soft, neutral shade for a gorgeously romantic, almost ethereal yet contemporary outfit sure to turn heads. Alternatively, you can dress this piece down for daywear, adding a silver Elia B slider sandal instead of a heel.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesDesert Rose0007
lois_product.phpXSGreenlois.ProductPage28d60263-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5coversize-cotton-cardi-greenOttodameGreenKnitwearfbf7d99f-0883-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,fbf7d941-0883-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,fbf7d97e-0883-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,e744074b-057a-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,efc00ab9-0883-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,f5d4cdcb-0883-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c Cotton CardiGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/Sweaters & CardigansStandard SizesXS,S,MOversize,Cotton,Cardi,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,Sweaters,Cardigans,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Knitwear,Cardigan,Medium,Knit,Round,NecksLong sleeved cotton button down cardigan with relaxed, oversized shape by Ottodame. This cotton cardigan has an easy, relaxed shape and looks great styled with the printed crepe Dress by Ottodame for a simple, chic daywear look. Alternatively go for an edgier vibe and wear with the printed crepe Ottodame cullottes and the black swing top for an on trend outfit that can take you from day to evening simply by swapping flats for heels.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Knitwear/Cardigan0015006900080146
lois_product.phpPiomboIT 44 - UK 12lois.ProductPage28d6019f-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5cwashed-silk-tee-piomboOttodamePiomboTops54e13514-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,4ee8db6c-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,4ee8db59-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,48a93f71-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,4ee8db42-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c Silk TeeGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/T-ShirtsItalian SizesIT 44 - UK 12,IT 46 - UK 14Washed,Silk,Tee,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,T-Shirts,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Shirts,DayShort sleeved silk T-shirt with raw edge effect hem and border detailing by Ottod'Ame. Style with a pair of MiH white skinny cropped jeans, a soft grey suede Elia B heel and a silver tone statement necklace for an understated, super chic look perfect for both partywear and casualwear. Swap the heel for a silver Elia B brogue to add an edge to this elegant look.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Shirts & Tops/DayDesert Rose0009
lois_product.phpIT 46 - UK 14Greenlois.ProductPage28d60222-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5cprinted-crepe-dress-greenOttodameGreenDresses4634bc29-088a-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,401db76f-088a-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,78627b03-057b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,72573d3b-057b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,72573d5c-057b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c Crepe DressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesItalian SizesIT 46 - UK 14Printed,Crepe,Dress,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,Day,GraziaShopTaxonomy,ShiftShort sleeved printed crepe shift dress with relaxed A-line fit by Ottodame. This easy to wear shift dress features a pretty painterly abstract print that resembles brush strokes in a variety of vivid emerald greens with black undertones. Style with the Ottodame oversized cardigan and the Elia B black ballet pumps in black for an understated, chic daywear look perfect for a brunch, a sunny city stroll or weekends away. Swap the flats for a black suede stiletto and the cardigan for the Selected Femme soft black blazer for a dressier, smarter vibe.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day Dresses005000680010
lois_product.phpPannaIT 46 - UK 14lois.ProductPage28d60135-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5ccrinkle-muslin-top-pannaOttodamePannaTops07a10035-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,01872c66-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,01872c25-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,1c389e8b-057c-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,2243dc37-057c-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c Muslin TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/ShirtsItalian SizesIT 46 - UK 14Crinkle,Muslin,Top,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,Shirts,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Day,Blouses,Short,Sleeved,TunicsMuslin top with oversized tunic shape, 3/4 length batwing sleeves, open V-neck and pin tuck detail at the front and back panel by Ottodame. This super chic tunic style shirt has an oversized, relaxed fit, and looks stunning styled with the MiH tomboy jean in tanny wash. Turn up the hem of the jean and add the Elia B leather silver slider for a chic, uber cool outfit, finished with an understated silver long chain necklace by Nouvelle. This piece is perfect for weekends in the countryside, or for holidaywear, as the breathable fabric makes it cool and comfortable, as well as stylish and on trend.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Shirts & Tops/DayDesert Rose001000240067001201020033
lois_product.phpIT 44 - UK 12Bluelois.ProductPage28d60104-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5c50s-print-top-blueOttodameBlueTopsa0d0bab7-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,9a8ebd76-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,9a8ebd5b-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,8e0ac358-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c,944cc002-088b-11e6-9630-0019997f0e5c's Print TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/ShirtsItalian SizesIT 44 - UK 1250's,Print,Top,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,Shirts,T-Shirts,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Day,Blouses,Short,SleevedShort sleeves V-neck printed cotton blouse with waist ruffle detailing, relaxed easy shape and white slip cami underneath by Ottodame. This pretty printed piece features an abtract tile style design in a variety of cool indigo tones against a creamy off white background. Style with the MiH boyfriend jean in tanny wash and an Elia B blue suede ballet pump for an understated daywear look. Alternatively smarten up with an MiH white skinny niki jean and an Elia B leather stiletto for a super chic look that can take you easily from day to evening engagements.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Shirts & Tops/DayDesert Rose002000070069001301180038
lois_product.phpIvoryIT 44 - UK 12lois.ProductPagec89fa6f0-2d6a-49ef-87bd-ac888aee2cecorganza-lace-top-ivoryOttodameIvoryTopsd2f1979c-175f-44bb-b767-875e784f12bc,134338c7-f81d-4b53-97db-07ac1c9f3fd6,5b33df87-dd24-4be1-8b10-5046938a0399,a971f498-2101-4f3d-b3f8-548b5f3e147b,943a2540-81f2-468f-bbca-170f44c5b121 Lace TopItalian SizesIT 44 - UK 12Organza,Lace,Top,Ottodame,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Clothing,&,Accessories,Shirts,Tops,Short,SleevedShort sleeved, fully lined organza top by Ottodame. This slightly cropped top has a stunning embroidered organza overlay, and looks fabulous with the MiH skinny jean in Bee wash, or worn with the matching organza skirt from Ottodame for a bold, fresh look.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Shirts & Tops/Short Sleeved011500370014
lois_product.phpCelesteIT 44 - UK 12lois.ProductPage28d60242-c049-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5ctie-waist-shirtdress-celesteOttodameCelesteDresses29f542fe-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,23b31eb8-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,23b31ea9-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,1d7382ad-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c,23b31e8c-e622-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c Waist ShirtdressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesItalian SizesIT 44 - UK 12Tie,Waist,Shirtdress,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,Day,GraziaShopTaxonomy,Knee,Length,VacationOpen neck shirtdress, button down to waist, 3/4 length sleeves, full pleated A-line skirt with waist tie detail by Ottos'Ame. This gorgeous piece nips in at the waist and has a full skirt, emphasised by the tie detail at the waist. This gives the dress a fantastic feminine fit and flare shape. Style with a contrasting red suede ballet pump for a very pretty weekend look or, alternatively, wear with a sneaker or brogue for a sportier, edgier vibe.GraziaShopTaxonomy/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesDeluxe Denim0161
lois_product.phpRedIT 40 - UK 8lois.ProductPage460323d9-5345-11e6-be98-0019997f0e5cwool-tunic-top-redOttodameRedTops601a8d9c-63b3-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c,601a8dad-63b3-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c Tunic TopGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Tops/ShirtsItalian SizesIT 40 - UK 8Wool,Tunic,Top,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Tops,Shirts,T-ShirtsSleeveless V-neck textured wool tunic top by Ottodame. This tunic top can be styled with the matching red wool flared skirt by Ottodame for a striking, stylish seaosnal look. Add a pair of opaque black tights and a classic Elia B black leather chelsea boot to give this look a glamorous touch. #boutique #wool #tunic #tunictop #ottodame #luxurybrand #vneckGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Ottodame
lois_product.phpRedIT 40 - UK 8lois.ProductPage460323be-5345-11e6-be98-0019997f0e5cwool-flared-skirt-redOttodameRedSkirts5a0cefa4-63b3-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c,601a8d87-63b3-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c Flared SkirtGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/SkirtsItalian SizesIT 40 - UK 8Wool,Flared,Skirt,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,SkirtsWool flared A-line textured skirt with pocket detail by Ottodame. This gorgeous skirt has a flattering A-line shape, and looks brilliant with the black Ottodame roll neck tucked in for a sleek, simple, super chic outfit. Style with a classic wool Part Two wrap tie coat to complete this classic, on trend outfit. #boutique #wool #aline #skirt #alineskirt #ottodame #luxurybrandsGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Ottodame
lois_product.phpIT 40 - UK 8Blacklois.ProductPage46032287-5345-11e6-be98-0019997f0e5ctweed-and-leather-dress-blackOttodameBlackDresses5a0cee85-63b3-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c,5a0cee98-63b3-11e6-8e95-0019997f0e5c and Leather DressGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesItalian SizesIT 40 - UK 8,IT 42 - UK 10,IT 46 - UK 14Tweed,and,Leather,Dress,Ottodame,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,&,Accessories,Dresses,Day,Little,BlackTweed and leather contrast fit and flare dress by Ottodame. This striking dress features a black leather fitted top and an A-line full skirt in tweed. Flattering and fabulous, this dress can be dressed up with a classic black leather shoeboot, making it perfect for partywear, or dressed down with an understated brogue for daywear. Versatile and stylish, this piece is a must have. #boutique #leather #tweed #contrastdress #fitandflare #aline #ottodameGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/OttodameBlack Friday Edit