Tribe & Fable

An enchanting range of jewellery including rustic stone and wooden beads, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and hand knotted tassels in a stunning range of colours. These pretty pieces will add a fun, bohemian feel to any outfit, and each one is completely unique due to their use of natural beads, gems and stones.

lois_product.phpGreen MultiOne Sizelois.ProductPage9cf9e86b-42a3-11e5-9f95-0019997f0e5cearth-mother-necklace-green-multiTribe & FableGreen MultiJewellery5b86ceca-4594-11e5-83fd-0019997f0e5c Mother NecklaceGoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Jewellery/NecklacesOne SizeOne SizeEarth,Mother,Necklace,Tribe,&,Fable,GoogleProductTaxonomyGB,Clothing,Accessories,Jewellery,NecklacesLong necklace with wooden and stone beads, crystals, agates and a blended two tone hand knotted tassel by Tribe + Fable. This earthy piece uses rustic stone and wooden beads combined with leafy green crystals and agates. Finished with a blended tassel, this necklace looks fantastic with burgandys, browns and neutral shades that compliment the harmonious blend of earthy hues in the beads and semi-precious stones.GoogleProductTaxonomyGB/Clothing & Accessories/Tribe & Fable0008