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Welcome to Universe of Us – Q&A With Brand Founder Kam

We spoke to the founder of quirky cool new brand Universe of Us, Kam about her Easter Holiday Tips. As a busy mum and entreprenuer what are her tips and tricks to keep the kids occupied over the Easter break ?

We are thrilled to be stocking the fabulous, fun new label Universe of Us and can’t wait to get into a pair of these quirky slogan socks ourselves.The brand is all about happiness and joy, providing products that will make you smile. Universe of Us founder Kam explains:

‘We are on a journey inspired by all things around us, in our bubble, in our universe.

Bridging the gap between fashion and lifestyle, we curate lovely products that make women feel good and smile (more likely with a touch of sparkle thrown in)!

No product is off limits (even if it’s a bit random) as the Universe belongs to us, and most importantly because it’s fun… and we all love a giggle!’

With Easter coming up, we caught up more with Kam and talked about her favourite things to do of a Bank Holiday weekend, and how and why she launched this exciting new label.

Precious: Hi Kam! As a busy Mum, what are your top 3 fun things to do on a bank holiday weekend?

Kam: We always like a day trip out to the coast, we make the car journey fun by connecting to spotify and letting the kids DJ for the trip.

London sightseeing is also great. Whilst we live in London we rarely get the chance to visit places, and it’s usually quiet in the city at Easter so it’s the perfect time to walk around. There are some lovely places to visit – St Pauls Cathedral is fantastic, Leadenhall Market is perfect for Harry Potter fans, and as touristy as it sounds Stables Market in Camden is also brilliant. The Cereal Killer cafe is great fun for kids – and parents!

We always have a pyjama day – we switch off our phone and gadgets, watch a movie and play lots of board games. We usually take a family trip to the supermarket, get lots of picnic food and just chill out. It’s surprising how much we all need time out and it’s a super cheap day!

Precious: Tell us about why you decided to set up Universe of Us?

Kam: Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, it just felt like the right time to start our own brand. We experienced the “cut throat” side of the business and felt that we needed to write our own rules. Fashion should be fun, of course it’s still a business and it has to pay the bills, but not at any cost.

Precious: What is the Universe of Us brand ethos?

Kam: The ethos of the brand is to grow organically without any limitation on products or ideas. We are passionate about being a lifestyle brand and we strive to work closely with our boutiques to give them as much support as possible.

Precious: Why do you think socks make a great gift?

Kam: Socks are fun – well, ours are! We get so many messages about the slogans on our socks and how they make our customers giggle. Every woman loves a bit of glitter, and sadly we can’t always wear glitter every day to work, so our socks are a great way of introducing some sparkle – to wear with heels or trainers! Most of all, they are a practical gift, as we can never have too many socks. They are a great addition to any wardrobe and they don’t break the bank!

Precious: Thanks Kam, your Bank Holiday sounds like it will be a fun packed weekend – we will most certainly be wearing a pair of your fab Universe of Us socks when we embark on our own Easter adventures!





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